Forensic Services

Forensic Media Solutions is a supplier of forensic services for the legal profession, law enforcement and the corporate sector nationwide. All our casework follows strict guidelines, to ensure that the integrity and continuity of evidence is maintained. Every case is fully documented in adherence to the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) guidelines.



  • Audio enhancement and analysis

  • Voice clarification

  • Noise reduction

  • Audio file authentication – tampering/edit detection

  • Forensic transcriptions


CCTV, Video and Image Enhancement


CCTV, Video & Image


CCTV, Video and Image Enhancement and Analysis

Face Masking/Pixilation

Highlighting and Tracking


Highlighting and Tracking


Face Masking/Pixilation

Voice Comparison
  • Voice recognition and analysis

  • Voice authentication


Reading , UK


T: 0118 974 4411


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