Sound Cleaner II


Sound Cleaner II enhancement software performs a full spectrum of noise filtering and audio enhancement tasks.


Sound Cleaner II uniquely combines state-of-the-art noise filtering algorithms and audio/speech enhancement tools in one product.

Each module can be easily activated and combined with others in the filtering workflow, so that any changes in the audio can be heard intelligibly

and on-the-fly.

Sound Cleaner II also generates comprehensive text reports that log your process. These include audio file information, a list of filters applied and their settings, a register of all audio modifications made, text transcripts, and screenshots of input and output waveforms and spectra.

 Advantantages & Benefits of Sound Cleaner II


  • State of the art enhancement tools

  • Time saving – probably all you'll ever need in one package 

  • Generates comprehensive reports and data

  • Built -in text editor and transcription