SIS II – Voice Identification and Analysis

Used in eighty countries worldwide, SIS II is the world-leading software solution for voice analysis/identification.

With the latest advancements in forensic audio processing, SIS II includes powerful tools for voice identification, speech signal analysis, recording authentication, text transcription and many others. 


SIS II provides a wealth of options for forensic and audio specialists including:


  • Speaker identification

  • Speech enhancement and audio restoration

  • Analysis of noise, acoustic environment and recording conditions

  • Authenticity analysis of digital (and analogue) audio recordings

  • Text transcription

  • Report generation

SIS II is the optimim solution for speech analysis. It supports all audio formats including extraction of audio from AVI files, and provides a wide choice of options for editing, visualisation and analysis, with plug-in modules for biometric matching and audio authentication.

Advantantages and Benefits of SIS II


  • World-leading voice identification and analysis software

  • All-in-one solution for audio analysts

  • Time saving

  • Comprehensive report generation

  • Transcription facility