Audio e-Disclosure/Compliance and Asset Management

More and more audio recordings are being made in the course of business in the corporate sector.
The discovery of audio evidence is now very much embedded in the litigation process, and in the event of a legal case where an e-disclosure demand for relevant audio is made, failure to manage and produce this evidence can leave businesses open to judicial criticism, damaging publicity and fines from regulators.


The recording of telephone conversations and meetings etc. produces high volumes of data which, during disclosure or regulatory actions, must be reviewed.

Research shows that the management of audio data is a huge challenge for major corporations, with around 75% of companies having no effective strategy or system in place.

Since the traditional method of review – where individuals listen to many hours of conversation – is not scalable, with often hundreds of hours of audio to review, (approx. four hours to review one hour of audio), companies need to use new systems and methods to store, retrieve and review audio evidence.


 Different recording systems and the ever-increasing use of mobile devices – laptops, mobile phones, tablets and more – makes the management of audio evidence increasingly complex, These audio recordings produce high volumes of data in a variety of different formats,  which, need to be stored, be searchable and be retrievable, have access control and be able to be transferred to a medium such as CD to be entered as evidence in e-disclosure.

Depending on the corporation and the volume of audio files required, this can result in a huge amount of audio to process so the relevant files can be identified and compiled.


Forensic Media Solutions offers two solutions: we can undertake your audio asset management for you, or provide systems and training to enable companies to do this in-house:


  • Advise on strategy

  • Advise on standardising audio formats

  • Storage of the audio

  • Provide audio database management

  • Provide search facilities

  • Audio retrieval

  • Access control


Using the latest technology we are able to help you manage your audio assets and utilise our expertise to ensure your company can produce the relevant content where e-Disclosure and litigation requires evidence.



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